Patti Barkell

Patti Barkell

I started my journey in the counseling field as a pastor at a local church here in Billings, MT from March, 2007 through August, 2017.  I provided clinical, pastoral counseling (under supervision) for students (age 14 and up), individuals, couples, and families experiencing difficulties in their lives caused by emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse, grief and loss, identity issues, anxiety, depression, faith-based concerns, and relationship betrayals.

My decision to go to school was to further my education so that I could also be formally and scholastically trained to provide care in addition to faith-based counseling.  During my tenure, I noticed how difficult it is for people to live a balanced life, especially when we have unresolved trauma or other experiences that spill into our current situations, which led to my passion for helping those who struggle with complex trauma and PTSD.

My therapeutic orientations include person-centered with strengths-based, attachment-based, cognitive-behavioral, solutions-focused therapies, and faith-based therapy upon request.  I am also trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy.  My goal is to offer assistance in understanding the connection between the psychological, physical, and spiritual (mind-body-spirit) components of an individual and how they interact with each other to provide a holistic approach to wellness by helping people learn tools, skills, and boundaries to address their needs.



  • Patti J. Barkell completed her Masters of Science in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling through Montana State University-Billings.
  • She is currently a Professional Counselor Licensure Candidate (PCLC) under the supervision of Dawn Dungan, MS, LCPC-S, CCPT.
  • I offer a reduced rate fee of $60.00.  I offer a limited number of pro bono sessions based upon demonstrated need. I accept cash, check (with fee charged for returned checks), and credit card.

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